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Mukta Joshi is a German Language teacher with 2 ½ years of experience, having taught students of all ages for A1, A2, B1 level proficiency. 

Like all European languages, German language consist of 6 levels starting with A1 & A2 (Basic) 

B1 & B2 (Intermediate) 

C1 & C2 (Advanced). 

To be able to communicate effectively in the language for a job or to study in Germany, one needs to pursue a minimum of 3 levels i.e. A1, A2 and B1 

The German Exam offered by Goethe Institute is a standardized German proficiency test that assesses German Language skills in the areas of listening, reading, writing and speaking. Candidates desirous of pursuing further studies at undergraduate or graduate levels in Germany are required to take the certification from Goethe Institute to demonstrate their German proficiency. 

German Exam Pattern for all levels (Goethe):

Goethe exam pattern (Start Deutsch 1)


Teil (Part) Points 


Hören (Listening) 15 points 

Teil- 1 (6 questions) 6


20 mins 

Teil- 2 (4 questions) 4 



Teil- 3 (5 questions) 5


Lesen (Reading) 15 points 

Teil- 1 (5 questions) 5


25 mins 

Teil- 2 (5 questions) 5 


Teil- 3 (5 questions) 5 

Schreiben (Writing) 15 points Teil- 1 (Form filling) 5

20 mins Teil- 2 (Letter) 10 25%

Sprechen (Speaking) 15 


Teil- 1 (Introduction) 5


15 mins 

Teil- 2 ( Frame questions) 5 



Teil- 3 (Frame requests) 5



60 points 



36 points 



Exam Pattern: 

Above exam pattern is very similar for A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2 Levels 

Course Duration : 

70 Hours (A1 Level) 

Score Validity : 

2 years 

Course Fee : 

Rs. 8000/- (A1 Level) 

Rs. 10000/- (A2 Level) 

Rs. 15000/- (B1 Level) 

Tuition fee does not include books 

Goethe Exam Fee : 

Rs. 7,600/- (A1 Level) 

Exam fees depend on the level of exam taken, 

Ranging from Rs. 6000 upto Rs.15000 

Official Website : 

Test Administration Frequency : 

5-6 times a year 

Test Repetition Policy : 

Next available date, no limit to retries